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TROUBLE ON THE HOME FRONT –  There’s no denying the pandemic has forced some positive and much-needed changes on many law firms, including improved efficiency and collaboration. But let’s not start giving each other socially distanced air high fives just yet: As Andrew Maloney reports, a study by staffing firm Robert Half has found that, despite the pros of remote work, concerns have emerged this year over retention, burnout and morale. The report, released this month, was based on polling 2,800 U.S. senior managers in multiple industries, including law firms and in-house law departments, in July and August. While its findings weren’t only specific to the legal industry, Jamy Sullivan, executive director for Robert Half Legal, said they align with trends they’ve seen for lawyers. “When you think of morale and the legal field over the last couple of years, we’ve seen burnout has increased,” Sullivan said. “That has just been heightened due to the pandemic.”