Celebrating success on California’s bar exam is an international experience. Just ask the 15 victorious test-takers from Japan who found out last week that they passed the latest version of the notoriously difficult test. Or the successful dozen from China. Or the 10 from Canada.

The worldwide interest in becoming a California lawyer is just one of the tidbits to be gleaned from the pass list published on the state bar’s website. The public list took a brief hiatus amid bar officials’ concerns about test-takers privacy. But the pass list for the July exam sitting re-emerged early Sunday morning thanks to recently passed state legislation that permitted the posting.

Now, once again, anyone can see the names of those who scored a coveted 144 or higher on the test, as well as their home zip codes. Data-miners can see that Beverly Hills 90210 is looking good with 11 residents who passed the test, but San Diego’s 92101 is even better with 45 people who are about to become California lawyers.

The angst over the bar exam, its passing score and its validity continue. But here’s the list of 4,236 successful test-takers who don’t have to worry about that anymore.


The July 2017 California bar exam pass list is posted below.


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