Susie Giordano, Intel general counsel
Susie Giordano, Intel general counsel (Jason Doiy / The Recorder)

Susie Giordano, corporate vice president, corporate secretary, for Intel Corp., led the legal team in the company’s most recent headline M&A deal, a $15.3 billion acquisition of Israeli computer vision firm Mobileye.

If I could change one thing about working in tech, it would be …

Accelerating the development and adoption of autonomous vehicles so my commute time could be more productive.

The No. 1 issue that keeps me and my clients up at night is …

I work hard and sleep well.

What piece of advice do you have for young lawyers in tech?

Keep learning; every day is an opportunity.

After the events that have rocked Silicon Valley this year, are you more or less hopeful about the prospects for women in the tech industry?

There are always opportunities for excellence.

Who’s the best leader you’ve seen in action and why?

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a “best” leader. Leadership is often exhibited in response to unique and challenging circumstances and even good leaders can handle those circumstances differently and still be seen as great leaders. The common thread though, if there is one, is authenticity.

—Ross Todd