Robert Kauffman
Robert Kauffman ()

About six months after leaving the in-house world to join Blank Rome, Robert Kauffman has left the firm to take another general counsel position.

Kauffman is the new senior vice president, secretary and general counsel of FOJP Service Corp., an insurance and risk management company representing hospitals, long-term care facilities and social services agencies in New York City. He had joined Blank Rome’s commercial litigation and M&A groups in June 2013 after the company where he was general counsel, Harleysville Insurance, merged with Nationwide Insurance.

“I always knew on some level that it was just a matter of time before I wanted to be a GC again, but I wanted to do it the right way and I wanted to take the time to figure out what I wanted my next move to be,” Kauffman said of the time after leaving Harleysville. “Blank Rome was a great place to go as an interim step to help me figure out what I wanted my next move to be. Quite frankly, I did not think it would happen so quickly.”

For Kauffman, who turned 50 last year, the opportunity to live and work in New York was something he was ready for at this stage in his life. He started with FOJP on Jan. 2 and is leading the five other lawyers in the legal department, who all report to him. FOJP hadn’t been a client of Kauffman’s, who said he was introduced to the company through a recruiter.

Kauffman said FOJP is the best of both worlds for him in that it is both an insurance company and a risk management organization. A “significant part” of FOJP’s focus is on risk reduction and risk analysis for the hospitals, doctors and social services organizations it represents. The company also provides property, casualty and liability insurance for those clients.

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