House, car and family protected with an umbrella by an insurer - insurance concept
House, car and family protected with an umbrella by an insurer – insurance concept (thodonal88/

In The Legal’s Insurance Law supplement read about how marijuana’s legalization will affect coverage, reps and warranty insurance and whether or not businesses like Airbnb are covered.

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How Does Marijuana’s Legalization in Pa. Impact Insurance Coverage?
Entrants into Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana industry will want—and, in many cases, need—to obtain various types of insurance coverage. Read more

5 Things Insurers’ GCs and Their Boards Must Know for Cybersecurity
Cyberregulation and the meaning of reasonable cybersecurity measures are changing rapidly. Insurance companies are in the red zone for new regulatory schemes and heightening expectations of duties of care that are well beyond the responsibility of a company’s CIO. Read more

Pa. Insurer Liquidation Tests Nation’s Guaranty Association System
On March 1, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ordered the liquidation of affiliated longterm care insurers Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Co. (PTNA) and American Network Insurance Co. (ANIC) (collectively, Penn Treaty). Read more

Reps and Warranty Insurance: An Untapped Resource for Closing M&As
Many types of insurance are viewed only as a form of protection against downside risk. But certain coverages can do much more than offer protection, they can actually offer a business advantage that allows companies to achieve success relating to an acquisition where it would otherwise not be possible. Read more

Airbnb and Insurance Coverage: Is It Up in the Air
Nine years. That’s how long it took for Airbnb to grow from a zerodollar company to a $30 billion company. Few other businesses in American history can boast such an impressive initial track record. Various forms of “disruptive technology”—like Airbnb—are changing the way we travel, drive, eat and live. Americans are no longer satisfied with the limited options provided by hotels, motels and traditional bed and breakfasts. Read more

Affirmative Duty to Defend: How the Four Corners Approach Is Modified
I n the field of insurance law, most liability policies are designed to cover two primary and qualified contractual obligations assumed by the insurer—a defense expense obligation and an indemnification expense obligation. How the defense expense obligation is actually implemented through policy language can vary greatly between types of liability policies. Read more

Autonomous Vehicles Predicted to Change Car Ownership, Insurance Industry
Pittsburgh is at the epicenter of autonomous vehicle research and testing. Pittsburgh Uber riders are currently being serviced by a fleet of autonomous Volvo vehicles developed in conjunction with Uber’s Advanced Technology Center in Pittsburgh. Read more