(Karen Leddy)

Drop in Mass Torts Was FJD’s Top Accomplishment

This year, the number of mass tort cases in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas dropped to even fewer than in previous years, continuing the trend that began with the court’s restructuring of the mass torts program. Read More

Obamacare, ‘Boobies,’ Took Center Stage for Third Circuit

The Third Circuit’s year was marked by several rulings on very politically charged issues and saw two of its former chief judges—also very influential judges—take senior status. Read More

Gay Marriage, Immunity Topped Commonwealth Court Agenda

Same-sex marriage and the contested parameters of sovereign and governmental immunity topped the agenda for Commonwealth Court. Read More

Technology Was ‘Topic A’ for Superior Court-Until Lynn

The ever-expanding area of technology—GPS tracking devices and threats via Facebook—was the subject of several of the Pennsylvania Superior Court’s most controversial and important decisions of the year. But its most dramatic decision came at the end of the year when the frontline appeals court reversed the criminal conviction of the first Catholic Church administrative official to have been charged with endangering minors in connection with the priest sex-abuse scandal. Read More

The Legal’s Most Read Stories of 2013

It’s been an incredibly busy year for Pennsylvania legal news, from key opinions to major mergers, and trials and scandals that captivated practitioners and the general public alike. Thank you for reading us throughout the year, and we’ll be back for all of the news, both big and small, in 2014. In the meantime, here are the 10 most-read stories we published this year, with links and a brief passage from each, beginning with an impassioned essay from our Young Lawyer Editorial Board. Read More

Midsized Firms Saw Group Laterals, Leadership Changes

Whether they were gaining or losing groups of lawyers, undergoing leadership transitions, splitting up or merging, midsized firms across Pennsylvania experienced a number of significant changes in 2013. Read More

Courthouse Shooting, Chief Justice Search Top Delaware’s Year

Court administration was a common theme throughout this year’s top legal stories in Delaware. The year began with a focus on improving courthouse security and ended with the search for a new chief justice. In between, the judiciary’s leaders fought to keep the Delaware Court of Chancery’s arbitration program alive and improved the public’s access to Supreme Court proceedings through technological updates. Read More

For Large Law Firms, 2013 Was a Year of Expansion, Pseudo-Mergers

For Pennsylvania’s large law firms, 2013 was a year of office expansion and pseudo-mergers. Read More