A Philadelphia judge dismissed two of the three claims against Fox Rothschild raised by a condo owner who alleged the firm interfered with its sale of several units.

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Gary S. Glazer granted Fox Rothschild’s summary judgment motion on plaintiff 22 Front Street’s tortious interference and slander of title claims against the firm and two of its attorneys, Robert S. Tintner and Brett A. Berman. Finding there were still issues of fact in dispute on the plaintiff’s claim for abuse of process, Glazer denied summary judgment motion on that count.

The case of 22 Front Street v. Gorodetzer stems from an underlying lawsuit Fox Rothschild filed on behalf of several homeowners in the luxury condo building who were upset 22 Front Street was billing a number of the units as “retirement” units.

The underlying suit was ultimately settled, appeals withdrawn and the sale of the condos as retirement units completed. In the meantime, 22 Front Street sued the homeowners, Fox Rothschild, Tintner and Berman for tortious interference with contractual relations, abuse of process, wrongful use of civil process and slander of title/disparagement of property. The wrongful use of civil process claim was dismissed in May 2012. The homeowners have since settled, leaving only Fox Rothschild and the partners as defendants.

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