Being a new attorney can be a challenging and stressful time. Inexperienced lawyers often realize that they have a dearth of practical knowledge upon graduating law school. Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain is common. For many new attorneys, this may be their first foray into the workforce. Not only will there be challenging work assignments, but many will suddenly face new economic responsibilities. Rest assured that all seasoned attorneys started off as greenhorns. In this article, members of the Young Lawyer Editorial Board would like to share some practical advice that they would have given to themselves when they were attorneys entering the workforce.

Always Follow the Golden Rule

It is easy to lose sight of the fact that respect is of paramount importance in an adversarial profession. Being respectful to everyone you encounter goes a long way and will generally make your life easier. Always show respect to your adversaries, court reporters and courtroom staff. The same holds true for members of your firm whether it be the managing partner or the mail room staff. Kindness and humility are key to a successful and enjoyable career.

Try Different Practice Areas When Given the Opportunity