The full 2019 Go-To Law School report is available here, and this year’s list of the top 50 Big Law feeder schools includes only two Pennsylvania institutions, with the Temple University Beasley School of Law dropping out of the rankings after coming in at No. 34 last year. But one perennial top 5 Pennsylvania school did climb to nearly the very top of this year’s list.

Here are the 10 law schools that sent the highest percentage of recent graduates into associate jobs at the nation’s largest 100 firms. Be sure to check out the full report for commentary on the summer associate hiring market, data on partnership promotions, and interactive charts with detailed associate hiring data.  You can also check out our previous slideshows here, here, here and here. Enjoy!

10. We’ve made it to the top 10 of our Go-To Law Schools list! The University of California, Berkeley School of Law holds steady in the No. 10 slot. Nearly 42 percent of 2018 graduates went into Big Law.
9. The University of Chicago Law School fell from No. 2 last year to No. 9 this year—a decline the school attributed to more students landing federal clerkships. Even so, an impressive 48.54 percent of recent graduates are now large firm associates.
8. Harvard Law School maintains its lock on the No. 8 spot on our Go-To Law Schools List, with 48.98 percent of 2018 graduates working at the largest 100 firms. Firms like to hire from Harvard in bulk: Cleary and Cravath hired 19 apiece, while Sidley snagged 18.
7. The Blue Devils from Duke had a strong year on the Big Law hiring market. More than half of the class of 2018—51.6 percent—are now large firm associates, helping the school hang on to its No. 7 rank on our Go-To Law Schools list.


6. Cornell Law School jumps up to No. 6 on our list, from No. 9 last year. The school sent slightly more than 54 percent of recent grads into Big Law—and improvement over last year’s 48 percent.
5. Skadden sure likes the University of Virginia School of Law. The firm hired 15 of the campus’ 2018 graduates, helping the school snag the No. 5 spot on our list. Altogether, 57.86 percent of those grads went on to Big Law.
4. We return to the Windy City for our No. 4 school, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. Just shy of 60 percent of the school’s recent grads are associates at the largest 100 firms. That’s almost 8 percent higher than the previous year.
3. New York University School of Law holds tight at No. 3 on our Go-To Law Schools List, sending slightly more than 60 percent of the class of 2018 into Big Law—a three-percent gain over the previous year. Cleary hired 20, while Davis Polk snagged 19.
2. The University of Pennsylvania Law School makes an impressive leap to No. 2 on this year’s Go-To Law School List, up from No. 5 the previous year. The Philadelphia school edged out NYU by the slightest of margins, with 60.08 percent of recent graduates heading to Big Law.


1. If Columbia Law School looks familiar atop our Go-To Law Schools list, it’s because this marks the sixth straight year it has come in at No. 1. It managed to put even more distance between itself and the No. 2 school, sending more than 71 percent of 2018 graduates into associate jobs at the largest 100 firms. That’s 11 percentage points higher than any other law school. Well done!