Pennsylvania State Capitol. Pennsylvania State Capitol. Photo credit: Zack Frank/

State legislation that supports the development of strong, flexible and resilient power grids by allowing utilities to propose new rate-making approaches has been signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf.

Wolf signed House Bill 1782 into law on June 28, six days after the bill earned approval from the full Pennsylvania Senate.

HB 1782 received strong support from the Pennsylvania legislature, earning unanimous, bipartisan approval from consumer affairs committees in the House and Senate. The bill was approved in the full House by a vote of 191-1, and in the full Senate by a vote of 41-8.

The average customer would notice very little difference between the current rate structure and decoupling. Customers may still pay per kilowatt-hour for electricity and have an incentive to use less energy. This includes the generation portion of their bills, which would not be affected by decoupling. Those who use less electricity will have comparatively smaller bills.