Rachel Lindsay, from ABC's The Bachelorette. youtube

Rachel Lindsay, the Dallas trial lawyer starring as “The Bachelorette,” brought three remaining suitors home to Dallas to meet her family, but her federal judge father was not around to impose a verdict on the men.

“Dad, unfortunately, can’t meet any of these men,” Lindsay said as she and Peter, a business owner from Milwaukee, arrived at her parents’ house in Dallas. That’s not surprising, considering Dad is U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay of the Northern District of Texas, who presumably determined it was either inappropriate or unseemly for a federal judge to grill his daughter’s potential husband on a reality TV show.

But Peter, Eric and Bryan did meet on camera with other members of Lindsay’s family including her mother, Kathy, her sister Constance, her brother-in-law Alex, her cousin Andrea and other relatives. Lindsay’s family members shot some tough questions at each of the men, but at the end mom Kathy did somewhat reluctantly give permission for each man to continue dating or propose to 32-year-old Rachel Lindsay.

Peter was up first. Before meeting the family, Lindsay took Peter to a baby store to pick up a gift for Constance, her older sister who was then three weeks from delivering a baby. Then, before Lindsay and Peter walked into her parents’ house, Peter took opportunity to tell Lindsay that she means the world to him and he is falling in love with her. “I am falling in love with you, too,” Lindsay said.

Peter, who has been somewhat reluctant to pledge his love to Lindsay because of the short time they have known each other, told her family he’s not ready to lose Lindsay and is falling in love with her. Peter asked Lindsay’s mom for permission to continue dating her, but he said he’s not ready to ask for her hand in marriage. Kathy reminded Peter to think about her daughter. “You are playing with her feelings,” she said.

Eric was next. Lindsay took Eric, a 29-year-old personal trainer in Los Angeles, to look at Dallas from an observation deck, where she pointed out, among several things, the federal building where her father works. While talking with Lindsay’s family, Eric was clear about his feelings for Lindsay and his desire to be married and build a family. But he did admit that he’s never before been in love.

Kathy gave Eric permission to propose to her daughter, if that’s where her daughter takes the relationship. “I feel comfortable with that,” she said.

The next day, Lindsay, an associate at Cooper & Scully, took Bryan, a 37-year-old chiropractor in Miami, to have brunch with two co-workers before the family meeting. The two friends of Lindsay noted Bryan’s confidence in his relationship with Lindsay. “I wanted her friends to see how much I care for her,” Bryan said.

That confidence didn’t go over as well at the Lindsay house. After Bryan said he has considered Lindsay his girlfriend since the first week they met, Constance was skeptical. Mom Kathy told Lindsay, “You are in a bubble.” The family also grilled Bryan on his relationship with his mother, who had told Lindsay the week before that her son is the most important person in her life.

At the end, though, Lindsay’s mom did give Bryan her blessing to propose to her daughter, because she trusts her daughter’s judgment. Lindsay and the three men flew to La Rioja, Spain, where Lindsay said she hopes she will leave as an engaged woman. (She told reporters before the first episode aired that she is engaged and happy.) Upon arrival in Spain, Lindsay said she is surprised she has feelings for three men “at the same time.”

Lindsay and Eric had the first date in Spain, where they viewed beautiful scenery from a helicopter. During dinner, Eric told Lindsay he is in love with her, which prompted her to offer him a night in the “Fantasy Suite” with her, where they would have private time without cameras. Eric accepted.

The next day, Lindsay and Peter had a date at a winery, where they were serenaded in Spanish, drank wine and smashed grapes with their bare feet. During dinner, Lindsay told Peter she did not come on “The Bachelorette” to end up with a boyfriend and she wants an engagement. She said she views engagement with the goal of getting to know each other better and then marriage. But Peter said he believes that engagement means marriage, and it’s something he only wants to do once.

The episode ended in a cliffhanger with Lindsay crying and saying she did not know what to say to Peter about their difference views on engagement.

She said, “It’s devastating. It’s absolutely devastating. Tonight for the first time ever, I’m thinking Peter and I may not work.”