Screenshot of The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Episode 3. Youtube

After hometown visits with four men, Dallas lawyer Rachel Lindsay, who is seeking a husband while starring on the reality TV show “The Bachelorette,” sent home a suitor whose strained relationship with his father put a damper on Lindsay’s visit.

Lindsay, a civil trial associate, gave roses at the conclusion of Monday night’s Episode 8 to bachelors Eric, Bryan and Peter, but Dean went home empty-handed and was left with no chance for a future relationship with Lindsay.

Lindsay told 26-year-old Dean that she sent him home because she wasn’t sure he was ready for the relationship to progress. “I wondered if you are ready for the same things as I am, ready for the next step,” an emotional Lindsay said before Dean left in a limousine. He had told her earlier in the week when she visited him in his hometown of Aspen that he was falling in love with her, and she responded in kind.

However, during Lindsay’s visit with Dean’s family, Dean had a sad and uncomfortable conversation with his father about how he felt his father had abandoned him after his mother died from breast cancer when Dean was 15 years old. Dean’s father, Paramroop, who is a Sikh yogi and wore a lavender turban and tunic and a long beard for the hometown visit, eventually walked away from his discussion with his son and told Lindsay, “I didn’t realize my son had such harsh feelings.”

While in the limo driving away after the rose ceremony, Dean said he was “shocked” at Lindsay’s rejection, and said that when he told her he was falling in love with her, he meant it. “She’s an incredible woman. … She made a mistake,” he said.

Lindsay had a much easier time when meeting Eric’s family in Baltimore, Bryan’s in Miami, and Peter’s in Madison, Wisconsin.

Lindsay learned when meeting with Eric’s friends and family that despite growing up in a rough section of Baltimore, Eric was a great student who stayed positive and happy and took the right path. He now works as a personal trainer in Los Angeles. Lindsay said she knew in advance the importance of the hometown visit with Eric’s family because he had never before brought a girl home to meet his family.

Lindsay, the first African-American bachelorette, told Eric’s aunt that she knows she is being judged by her choices. “I’m getting judged by black people and judged by everyone else,” Lindsay said. Eric is the only black man left in the competition.

Lindsay also admitted to being very nervous about meeting Bryan’s mother, Olga, in Miami because he said he and his last serious girlfriend broke up because she and his mother did not get along. Olga warned Lindsay that if she marries Bryan, she marries his family, and 37-year-old Bryan is the most important person in her life. But Olga said afterward that she could see in Lindsay’s eyes that she is a good person. “Maybe she is the one,” she said.

After the hometown visit, Bryan, a chiropractor, told Lindsay he is in love with her. “I don’t want to hold these feelings back any more,” he said.

Before the hometown visit with Peter, Lindsay said she is worried that Peter is not ready for marriage and children. The visit went well, but Lindsay seemed disappointed when Peter’s mother Lynn told her that while Peter is ready for a commitment and children, she’s not sure he’s ready for marriage.

“I don’t just want a boyfriend at the end of this,” Lindsay said.

Apparently, she ended her search with more than a boyfriend. Before the first episode of “The Bachelorette” aired in late May, Lindsay told reporters that she is engaged and happy.

Lindsay, the 32-year daughter of U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay of Dallas, evidently did not care whether her fiance lives in Texas. During Episode 7, which aired July 10, Lindsay sent home the last remaining contestant from Dallas—real estate agent Adam—when she narrowed the group of suitors to four from six.

Dallas lawyer Jack Stone had been vying for Lindsay’s affections, but she sent him home during a one-on-one date that showed little chemistry between the two. Stone was a real estate finance associate at Winstead in Dallas who took a leave of absence for “The Bachelorette,” though he is no longer at the firm. He was a cast member in “The Bachelorette” spinoff show “Bachelor in Paradise,” which airs next month.

Hours after Dean was sent home from “The Bachelorette,” ABC tweeted that he, too, will also appear on “Bachelor in Paradise.”