Rachel Lindsay courtesy photo

Saying she did not feel romantic sparks, Rachel Lindsay, a Dallas trial lawyer starring in “The Bachelorette,” sent home suitor Jack Stone, also a Dallas lawyer, who was seeking a love connection with Lindsay.

Stone, who took a leave of absence from his job as a real estate finance associate at Winstead to appear on “The Bachelorette,” is no longer at the firm. Winstead declined to provide further comment on employment-related matters. However, after his stint on “The Bachelorette,” Stone was a cast member on the related show “Bachelor in Paradise” before production was delayed due to an investigation into some misconduct allegations. Filming is set to resume on the show soon.

On “The Bachelorette” on Monday night, Lindsay also sent home two other bachelors during a rose ceremony; went on a one-on-one date with Bryan, a chiropractor from Miami she fears may be too good to be true; took a team of guys on a group date; and invited feuding bachelors Kenny and Lee on a two-on-one date because she wanted to figure out which one of them is telling the truth about the other’s behavior.

Episode 5 concluded with previews for a two-hour episode that will air Tuesday night and will include a confrontation between Lee and Kenny that ends with Kenny bleeding from a cut near his eye and Rachel crying inside a dark house.

The bad blood between Kenny, a pro wrestler from Las Vegas, and Lee, a songwriter from Nashville, continued throughout the episode.

Meanwhile, while Lee and Kenny were annoying each other at the hotel where the bachelors were staying in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Lindsay and Stone left on a one-on-one date via a horse-drawn carriage. Lindsay noted that she and Stone are a “perfect match” on paper—both are lawyers, they are close in age and live in Dallas. But Lindsay, an associate at Cooper & Scully, said she wanted to determine if there was any spark with Stone.

On their date, the couple shucked oysters and learned how to shag, a popular dance in the Carolinas. Stone admitted to not being the best dancer, but said he was game to try. He later told Lindsay that his dancing suffered because he was too engrossed in looking at her face and thinking of kissing her.

During dinner that evening, Stone told Lindsay he feels really comfortable with her and can see himself falling in love with her. But Lindsay told him there was no romance between them. “You are a really great person, but when it comes to us, I just don’t feel it,” she said.

Stone was sent home in a car without comment.

Back at the hotel, bachelor Will attempted to explain to Lee why using the word “aggressive” when referring to Kenny is insulting to a black man. Will also did not agree with Lee that Kenny was aggressive toward him, and told Lee that instead of trying to pull the race card, Kenny was “truly offended.” Lee’s response: “I don’t understand the race card.”

At a rose ceremony, Lindsay sent home Iggy, a consulting firm CEO from Chicago, and Jonathan, the “tickle monster” who gave Lindsay one last tickle on his way out.

Lindsay and the bachelors traveled to Oslo, Norway, where Lindsay selected Bryan to go on a date with her and they rappelled down an Olympic ski jump. Lindsay gave Bryan a rose at the end of the date, but she said her No. 1 concern about him is his charm. “It’s too good to be true,” she said.

After a kissing session, however, Lindsay said, “I like Bryan. I like Bryan a lot. A lot.”

A group of bachelors went on a group date with sports-lover Lindsay, where they dressed in tight uniforms and played a game of handball. Sales manager Will was the clear star of the game, and Lindsay gave the group date rose to Will, who was the runner-up at a spelling bee on a previous group date. She said Will’s skill at handball “did not go unnoticed,” and he showed his vulnerability when they spent time together that evening.

The episode concluded with the start of Lindsay’s ominous two-on-one date with Lee and Kenny. According to “The Bachelorette” rules, only one of the two can get a rose. The trio flew in a helicopter to a beautiful setting in chilly Norway, and Lindsay alternatively took each man aside to chat about the disagreement. After Kenny heard that Lee told Lindsay some things that he swore were “100 percent false,” the episode ended with Kenny walking toward Lee, calling him a “short-stack Southern piece of garbage.” Lee sat in a chair, grinning, as he watched Kenny stroll down a hill.