Lisa Gold, vice president and GC, Bedrock Manufacturing Co.
Lisa Gold, vice president and GC, Bedrock Manufacturing Co. (Image: Thomas Phillips)

Are In-House Legal Departments Becoming Mini-Firms?

Around the world, some in-house legal departments are beginning to wonder what their expertise is worth outside the company. Could traditional law firms survive competition from in-house legal departments that set up their own “mini law firms”?

Outfitted for Adventure

Lisa Gold is the top lawyer for Bedrock Manufacturing Co., but she has no office–not even a partitioned cubicle space. “This is not your everyday corporate lawyer environment,” says the vice president and general counsel of the privately held, Plano-based company.

Best Practices: Take Risks and Serve the Company Well

Lisa Gold, vice president and general counsel of Plano-based Bedrock Manufacturing Co., says she likes to work with risk-takers and does not want to work with lawyers that are hindered by minutiae.

Learn From Cases That Empower Employers

There are two types of employment cases: those teaching empowerment of employers and those illuminating disaster. Attorney Michael P. Maslanka discusses empowerment.

The Promiscuous Use of Email Creates Cross-Border Nightmares

While email certainly has created problems for privilege claims for in-house counsel communications in the United States, it creates additional complexities when dealing with cross-border privilege claims.

Face Down the Government in a Forfeiture Action

These days most federal prosecutions include forfeiture efforts, which are based on arcane precepts rooted in maritime law. A general counsel needs to gain a working knowledge of the criminal statutes and legal theories on which the government relies for these cases.

Beware the Legal Risks of Web Scraping

Given the staggering explosion in the amount of available information and the rise in technically creative ways to search and gather information from the World Wide Web, in-house counsel must be prepared to advise their companies on the legal considerations implicated by Web scraping.

How to Minimize Post-Closing Surprises

Mergers and acquisitions in Texas reflect the state’s business success. With energy companies leading the way, almost $60 billion of deals were announced during the first half of 2013, with a slightly larger amount during the same period of 2012, according to Mergermarket.