Go ahead. Test your knowledge of The National Law Journal‘s 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America. No cheating.

1. Which attorney is Karl Rove’s workout buddy?
A. Barry Scheck; B. Jay Lefkowitz; C. Alan Gura; D. James Bopp.

2. Which lawyer is renowned for having a big "book" of business?
A. Robert Bennett; B. Robert Bauer; C. Robert Barker D. Robert Barnett.

3. Which top white-collar defense attorney, now nominated for a high-powered government job, was once chair of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?
A. Abbe Lowell; B. Kathleen Sullivan; C. Mary Jo White; D. Sheila Birnbaum.

4. Which attorney has been tapped to take control of Detroit’s financial mess?
A. Gordon Davidson; B. Kenneth Feinberg; C. Richard Fuld; D. Kevyn Orr.

5. Because of the attorney’s somewhat rumpled appearance, who was dubbed "Columbo with a law degree" by The New York Times?
A. Charlene Barshefsky; B. Gary Naftalis; C. Brendan Sullivan; D. Morgan Chu.

6. What powerhouse lawyer—who, no doubt, could afford the most expensive car in the universe—is known for driving a Subaru?
A. H. Rodgin Cohen; B. Kathleen Sullivan; C. Tom Girardi; D. J. Warren Gorrell Jr.

7. Who has earned the nickname "Queen of Torts"?
A. Patricia Millett; B. Amy Schulman; C. Sheila Birnbaum; D. Kathleen Sullivan.

8. Who was the former chief of staff to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani?
A. Randy Mastro; B. Eric Schneiderman; C. Preet Bharara; D. Jay Lefkowitz.

9. Who has orchestrated more than 50 initial public offerings?
A. Russell Frackman; B. David Stern; C. David Kappos; D. Gordon Davidson.

10. Whom did Glenn Beck call the "Most Dangerous Man in America"?
A. H. Rodgin Cohen; B. Robert Shapiro; C. Theodore Boutrous; D. Cass Sunstein.

11. Who serves as general counsel to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (of Oscars fame)?
A. Morgan Chu; B. John Quinn; C. Floyd Abrams; D. Candace Beinecke.

12. Who is the first female name partner at an AmLaw 100 firm?
A. Ruth Skadden; B. Wanda K&L Gates; C. Kathleen Sullivan; D. Elizabeth Cabraser.

13. Who is known for basically inventing lobbying in Washington?
A. Joel Jankowsky; B. Thomas Boggs; C. Robert Lobby; D. J. Warren Gorrell Jr.

14. Who coined the term "net neutrality"?
A. Cindy Cohn; B. Cass Sunstein; C. Bobby Riggs; D. Timothy Wu.

15. Who has argued more U.S. Supreme Court cases than any other woman?
A. Patricia Millett; B. Kathleen Sullivan; C. Lisa Blatt; D. Marge Simpson.

16. Who is a champion of Second Amendment causes?
A. Lisa Sotto; B. Alan Gura; C. Lisa Blue; D. James Bopp.

17.Who led the charge for more transparency in law school job placement data?
A. Kamala Harris; B. Rick Hasen; C. Bill Henderson; D. Kyle McEntee.

18. Which attorney is chairman of the board of Levi Strauss & Co.?
A. John Keker; B. Stephen Neal; C. Lisa Blue; D. Floyd Abrams.

19. Which attorney did Paul Ryan choose to play Vice President Joe Biden in the 2012 presidential debate rehearsals?
A. Ted Boutrous; B. Gregory Craig; C. Theodore Olson; D. Richard Wiley.

20. Which attorney knows Google inside and out?
A. David Drummond; B. Donald Dunner; C. Brackett Denniston; D. David Kappos.

Answers: 1B; 2D; 3C; 4D; 5B; 6A; 7C; 8A; 9D; 10D; 11B; 12C; 13B; 14D; 15A; 16B; 17D; 18B; 19C; 20A.

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