Screenshot of The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Episode 3.
Screenshot of The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Episode 3. (Youtube)

Rachel Lindsay, the Dallas trial lawyer starring in “The Bachelorette,” sent four suitors home during Episode 3 Monday night, including two bickering guys who could well have been charged with disorderly conduct.

Lindsay showed throughout the episode that she is not about to accept hearsay evidence about anyone­—at least when it come to her love journey. Whenever she heard anything questionable about any of the bachelors, she confronted them immediately, using her skills of cross-examination. She said more than once that she wants to keep it “real” and truthful.

The highlight of the two-hour episode was Lindsay’s one-on-one date with Anthony, a Chicago resident who once played football for Northwestern University. They rode horses together on Rodeo Drive. That evening, she gave him a rose and they danced alone (and kissed) as a quartet played. The lowlight of the episode was the amount of time the camera devoted to Lucas (Whaboom) and Blake bad-mouthing one other. This included a bizarre battle of insults and gestures outside the mansion after Lindsay sent both of them (Yea!) packing.

Lindsay also sent Jamey home during the rose ceremony, and mid-episode, she eliminated Fred, the Dallas executive assistant who knew Lindsay from elementary school. Eighteen bachelors are left, including Jack Stone, a lawyer in Dallas.

The previous episode had ended in a cliffhanger, with rejected suitor DeMario standing in the dark outside the gate of the bachelor mansion asking to speak with Lindsay. Lindsay had sent DeMario home the previous day after he was decidedly less-than-truthful about his relationship with another woman before appearing on “The Bachelorette.”

A chastened DeMario told Lindsay that he wanted to regain her trust by returning to the show. “I can’t let you go,” DeMario said. “I’m begging you from the bottom of my heart.” Lindsay wasn’t buying it, though. She told him she needs a man who is truthful when confronted with a difficult situation, which he was not the day before when she confronted him following a basketball game. “What I saw in the gym yesterday was a boy. I need a man,” Lindsay told DeMario.

Lindsay’s second rejection of DeMario impressed the other suitors in the house, who had Lindsay’s back during her late-night discussion with DeMario. Lindsay demonstrated that she is no a damsel-in-distress, however, and the mob of bachelors did not need to physically eject DeMario. Lindsay said she felt “empowered” after her meeting with DeMario.

Leading up to the rose ceremony, Lindsay had one-on-one meetings with several suitors, but Blake and Lucas squandered their time by insulting each other. In his attempt to denigrate Blake, Lucas even told Lindsay that Blake had lurked over his bed the night before and ate a banana while standing there. Lindsay wasted no time in questioning Blake about the alleged incident. Blake said the story was false. After all, he said, there’s no way he would eat a banana because he doesn’t eat carbs.

After the rose ceremony, Blake and Lucas both expressed shock and disappointment that Lindsay had rejected them. They then proceeded to get into a shouting match that was hard to understand for all the bleeping.

The next group date was a more pleasant experience for Lindsay. Six of the bachelors accompanied her to a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Ellen asked them all to take off their shirts and do a little dirty dancing. Lindsay seemed excited to see their muscles.

But for Fred, the Dallas resident who has had a crush on Lindsay since he was in third grade and she was in eighth, the show wasn’t so fun. He found out that three of the six guys had already kissed Lindsay. “So many other guys kissed her. I’ve been waiting to kiss her for 20 years,” Fred said.

That evening, figuring he needed to make his move, Fred asked Lindsay if he could kiss her. That was awkward for Lindsay, who ended up sending Fred home. She praised him for sharing his feelings with her, but said she can’t get the little boy Fred out of her mind. “It was like a little boy kissing me,” she said.

She gave a rose to Alex at the end of the group date. Kissing followed.

In a cringe-worthy group date, six of the bachelors went to a saloon with Lindsay and some of her girlfriends, where the guys engaged in a mud-wrestling competition. (Is mud wrestling still a thing?) Surprisingly, real-life pro wrestler Kenny­—who works as Pretty Boy Pit Bull—lost the competition to Bryce, a firefighter. But that evening, Kenny told Lindsay he also worked as a Chippendales dancer. He gave Lindsay a private demonstration that involved him taking off his jacket, ripping off his white T-shirt and dancing for the enthusiastic young lawyer.

At the end of that group date, Lindsay gave a rose to Eric, the personal trainer. All was not well at the bachelor mansion that night, however, with Eric arguing with some of his rivals, who had said things to Lindsay about him. Again, the episode ended in a cliffhanger, with a riled-up Eric shouting at other bachelors.