Justin Puckett, general counsel and executive vice president of MB2 Dental Solutions in Carrollton, prefers outside counsel who analyze the impact of their advice on the company’s business.

Texas Lawyer research editor Jeanne Graham emailed Puckett some questions about best practices. His answers are below, edited for length and style.

Texas Lawyer: What criteria do you consider most important when selecting outside counsel?

Justin Puckett: First and foremost, I want a business-minded lawyer who provides legal counsel that focuses on the legal issues at hand, but just as much focuses on achieving our business goals. I view our outside counsel as an integral part of our business and I want their decisions to positively affect our bottom line.

TL: For what types of matters do you typically hire outside counsel?

Puckett: We typically hire outside counsel for all litigation issues, and for all matters in which we need expert knowledge (e.g., employment issues, capital raises, equity injections, complex real estate and acquisitions, and all regulatory issues).

TL: What can outside counsel do to perform beyond your expectations?

Puckett: Anticipate and analyze the impact or consequences of their advice on our business. Additionally, being easy to reach is essential because typically our issues require answers in a short time frame.

TL: What one thing from your previous work experience is helping you most on the job today, and why?

Puckett: More than anything else, I have to be mindful of the business objectives of our company and I have to come up with creative strategies of how to achieve such objectives. Being a young and growing company, I (as well as the other executives) wear many different hats throughout each day, so being able to juggle multiple tasks is extremely important.