44th State Civil District Court Judge Carlos R. Cortez
44th State Civil District Court Judge Carlos R. Cortez (Handout photo)

On any given evening, Dallas judges, attorneys and their clients can be found eating fine-quality cow meat at The Palm in the city’s historic West End district. And a Dallas county prosecutor want to know exactly what 44th District Judge Carlos Cortez ate or drank at The Palm on Dec. 28, 2013, according to a subpoena filed Jan. 24.

Dallas police arrested Cortez on Dec. 28, 2013 for family violence assault after his girlfriend alleged that he choked her, dragged her by her hair, leaned her over the balcony of his residence and threatened to kill her, according to a Dallas Police Department offense record. But in a motion filed Dec. 30, 2013, Cortez alleges the woman was intoxicated and became violent toward him, and he tried to prevent her from jumping off his balcony.

Senior Judge Richard Mays, who is presiding over Cortez’s criminal case, has issued a gag order preventing the attorneys and the parties in the case from commenting. The subpoena, filed by a Dallas County assistant DA, directs the manager of The Palm to provide cash or credit card receipts pertaining to Cortez: “For the date of Dec. 28, 2013, including any meals or drinks served. As needed for trial.”