It was a tumultuous year in the Texas legal market. A number of significant lateral groups moved to new firms, and several out-of-state firms, lured by the energy industry’s strength, established offices here.
As always, there was stiff competition for Texas Lawyer’s annual Tongue-in-Cheek awards. From picking the pope to pondering pasties, find out who came out on top.
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What was the most challenging litigation you worked on this year? What did you learn new this year about litigating? Hear from Texas litigators who look back at the year that was.

Substantive Law Developments of 2013

What was the most important substantive legal development of the year? Ten lawyers tackle this question.
BANKING AND BUSINESS LAW: Debt-Collection Changes
BANKRUPTCY: New Fee Guidelines
CRIMINAL LAW: Open-File Policy
IMMIGRATION: Provisional Waivers
INSURANCE LAW: ‘Lennar Corp.’
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW: The Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act
SECURITIES LAW: Fraud on the Market