Jury sides with plaintiff in stop-sign crash

On June 10, a jury awarded $4,700 to a man who claimed cervical and lumbar injuries in a collision with a sport utility vehicle. Jerry L. Bell was struck by Aysha al-Banna Mutawe after she allegedly ran a stop sign. The front of Mutawe's SUV struck the passenger side of the sedan. Bell claimed neck and back sprains and strains, as well as cervical and lumbar disc displacement without myelopathy, unspecified thoracic disk disorder and muscle spasm. He was treated with chiropractic adjustments 12 times and with therapeutic exercise 13 times.

Bell v. Banna Mutawe, No. DC-12-00746

Court: 160th District Court, Dallas County

Plaintiff Attorney: Grant Gerleman, Ben Abbott PC, Garland

Defense Attorney: Young Jenkins, G. Patrick Collins & Associates, Dallas

Plaintiff awarded $54,000 for alleged back and neck injuries

On May 6, a jury awarded $54,000 to a driver who claimed back and neck injuries in a collision. Sammy Lee Griffin claimed that Daniel Nicholas Dushman cut him off, causing a rear-ender. Griffin sued Dushman for changing lanes in front of him unsafely. The police report faulted Dushman for the accident, and an eyewitness testified by video deposition that Dushman cut off Griffin. Griffin went to the emergency room several days after the accident and was treated and released. Griffin claimed cervical and lumbar connective tissue injuries. The plaintiff followed up with a chiropractor and received treatment for about three months.

Griffin v. Dushman, No. CC-11-06212-B

Court: Court at Law No. 3, Dallas County

Plaintiff Attorney: Geoff Schorr, Schorr Law Firm PC, Garland

Defense Attorney: Tiffany A. Liber, Meynier, Mohinek, Matte & Liber, Richardson