Big Fish: GC Rides the Wave at Fast-Growing Online Business
‘Tis the season for bargain hunting, which means that Lou Agnese, general counsel and corporate secretary for WhaleShark Media Inc., is in high gear, advising sales and management teams at his company on marketing and trademark issues and promotional campaigns with merchants.

KPMG Study Examines How General Counsel Can Add Value
For general counsel looking to become more valuable to senior business leaders, one crucial skill set is the ability to identify future legal and regulatory risks to the business, according to a new study by the consultancy KPMG.

Ten Phrases Lawyers Hear That Portend Disaster
Lawyers are people who need to see trouble coming ? whether it’s is a sticky suit, a bad witness, a shady client or a back-stabbing colleague. Michael P. Maslankaoffers 10 warning signs to help you do just that.

Jury Waivers Are Alternatives to Arbitration Agreements
Now that the Texas Supreme Court has approved agreements to resolve disputes at the courthouse but without a jury, in-house counsel for Texas employers should consider whether their clients should use jury waivers instead of arbitration agreements to resolve disputes with employees, write Russell D. Cawyer and Ezra R. Kuenzi.

Whose Data Is It, Anyway? BYOD Policies at Work
Now is the time to establish security and privacy policies governing employees’ use of their personal devices for work functions, writes Michael V. Abcarian.

Social Media Savvy for General Counsel
Some employers vigilantly monitor communications among their employees to avoid the pitfalls associated with inappropriate communications. It is important for in-house counsel to know that, while the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has been quick to file suit against employers in such cases, no court has yet to rule on the NLRB’s interpretation of the National Labor Relations Act with respect to electronic communications of employees of private employers, writes Jay M. Wallace.