In the Law Journal’s Family Law supplement, articles focus on equitable distribution, lifestyle analysis and other topics.

‘Equitable’ Distribution Isn’t Always ‘Equal’
In some cases, the application of the 16 statutory factors regarding equitable distribution will result in a disproportionate division of the assets to achieve equity in light of the entire circumstances. Read more

Whose Lifestyle Is It Anyway?
In many cases, the financial minutia of the dissolving marriage may be examined in the form of a “lifestyle analysis,” but is it really necessary, and does the cost justify the benefit? Read more

Client’s Needs vs. Attorney’s Integrity: An Ethical Tug of War
A client’s disclosure of unfavorable or potentially damaging information to his attorney in a confidential setting does not automatically prevent the disclosure of that information. Read more

Appellate Division: No Estate Tax Marital Deduction for Registered Domestic Partners
Same-sex couples registered under New Jersey’s Domestic Partnership Act are not entitled to the marital deduction for purposes of calculating the New Jersey estate tax due at the death of the first partner, according to a recent, published opinion out of the Appellate Division. Read more