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In the Law Journal’s Medical Malpractice Litigation supplement, articles focus on presenting treating physicians at trial, the implications of sexual contact with a patient, and other topics.

Physician Assistants Will Play Increasing Role in Malpractice Litigation
Hospitals, clinics and medical practices are increasingly employing physician assistants; this article provides an overview of how these assistants fit into the scheme of medical malpractice litigation. Read more

Civil Implications for Medical Practitioner of Sexual Contact with Patient
Sexual contact by a medical practitioner with a patient, even if consensual, can result in criminal charges, suspension or revocation of professional license, and the potential for monetary penalties. Read more

How to Handle Hindsight Bias When Defending Radiology Claims
Errors in perception form the basis for the vast majority of radiology malpractice claims. Such claims are susceptible to a pernicious and insidious form of bias on the part of plaintiff’s expert as well as the jury. Read more

The Challenge of Presenting Treating Physicians
A look at the hurdles sometimes faced by attorneys when they wish to present the testimony of the plaintiff’s treating physician in litigation. Read more