This is the New Jersey Law Journal‘s first magazine devoted to ranking the top personal injury recoveries of the year. We combed the verdicts and settlements reported in our weekly Suits & Deals column throughout 2013 to find the highest and second-highest awards in six categories: automobile injury, medical malpractice, premises liability, products liability, public liability and workplace injuries. They are featured in these pages, along with short profiles of the plaintiff lawyers who achieved them.

The awards were chosen solely by the amounts reported at the time, not taking into account that they may have been or might still be altered. Verdicts may have been appealed and postverdict settlements may have occurred. The $166 million verdict against DYFS in the public liability category, for example, is the subject of motions for a new trial or for remittitur.

Still, we believe the original awards are worth noting, since they represent the value assigned to the cases by the juries or parties at the time they were made.

Though we do not attempt to assign significance to the amounts awarded, it is interesting to note—in an age where stellar recoveries seem common—that the average of the awards featured is $6 million if the DYFS verdict is discounted. That, at least, provides a milepost as we undertake this project going forward.

Ronald J. Fleury
Editor in Chief


Automobile Injury: Raymond Gill Jr.

Automobile Injury (Finalist): John Vlasac Jr. and Boris Shmaruk

Medical Malpractice: Timothy Barnes

Medical Malpractice (Finalist): David Mazie

Premises Liability: Kenneth Berkowitz

Premises Liability (Finalist): John Zaorski

Public Liability: David Mazie

Public Liability (1st Finalist): Ronald Riccio, Michael Marone and Robert Scrivo

Public Liability (2nd Finalist): William Buckman, and Paula Xinis

Products Liability: Edward Capozzi

Products Liability (Finalist): Cynthia Walters

Workplace Injury: Alfred Falcione

Workplace Injury (Finalist): James Lynch and Arthur Lynch


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