To the Editor:

How interesting that the Appellate Division vacates a judgment simply because the plaintiff-corporation prosecuted the Special Civil Part debt collection case through its nonlawyer president [Inadmissible, Dec 9]. Citing R. 1:21-1(c), the court in Spring Valley Equestrian Center, Inc. v. Farley held that the judgment was voidable because the equestrian center, as is the case with all corporations, must be represented by counsel in court.

This looks like a case ripe for Supreme Court review. It is undisputed that persons have the right to appear in court pro se. In Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 US 50 (2010), the high court held that corporations are persons entitled to free speech rights.

Then surely it follows that corporations are persons entitled to self-representation rights.

Joel I. Rachmiel