NJSBA President Ralph J. Lamparello administers the “Lawyers Pledge” to incoming law school students. Image: Amanda Brown
The New Jersey legal community just got a little bigger.
The state’s three law schools in recent days welcomed the newest would-be members of the legal profession.
New Jersey State Bar Association President Ralph J. Lamparello addressed the scholars and administered an aspirational oath to students beginning their studies at Rutgers-Newark and Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark.
Lamparello took the opportunity to tell the students about the good works, diversity and meaningful role lawyers play in New Jersey’s society.
“Feel good about who you are striving to be – a New Jersey lawyer. Take all of this education and experience in. Work hard. Get involved with the issues and causes you care about. You are on the right path,” he told students.
Lamparello also told the incoming students that being a lawyer means much more than being able to write a brief or go to a hearing, it requires a dedication to the rule of law. The law, as it should be practiced, requires upholding values such as honesty, fairness, integrity, courage and independence, he said.
In addition to his remarks, Lamparello also administered the “Lawyers Pledge” to students. The pledge is a product of the New Jersey Commission on Professionalism, which was created when the three law schools, bar association and state Judiciary came together to focus on the ideals of the profession. The commission developed the pledge to instill those concepts in the minds of students as they embark on their legal careers.
“In accepting the honor and responsibility of life in the law, I will strive as best as I can to work always with care and with a whole heart and with good faith,” the pledge states.
Second Vice President Thomas H. Prol spoke to students at Rutgers-Camden University School of Law.