A seat on one of the New Jersey State Bar Association’s most influential committees is up for grabs, and potential candidates can run for the post.
Petitions to file for candidacy are now available to any member of the association’s General Council for an open two-year term on the Nominating Committee.
The committee plays a key role in shaping the future of the organization, association leaders said. The committee evaluates and puts forward people to serve in leadership positions, including as association officers and delegates to the American Bar Association.
General Council members hold two seats on the committee, and other members are appointed by the president or elected from the general membership. Susan A. Feeney, former association president, is the committee’s chair.
The election to determine who will fill the seat will be held Oct. 18, when the General Council convenes for its annual meeting at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick.
The council is comprised of over 500 members of the state bar, as well as representatives of each county and specialty bar group in New Jersey. It serves as a forum to bring issues of concern to the state bar’s leadership regarding the practice of law and the role of attorneys in society.
What it takes
Any member of the General Council may be nominated for the seat by completing a petition signed by no fewer than 10 council members, provided the candidate’s county is not already represented on the committee.
Nominees from Union County are not eligible, pursuant to Article IV, paragraph 1 (i) of the association’s bylaws, which prohibits more than one of the two members elected to the Nominating Committee by the General Council to be from the same county. Former NJSBA President Edwin McCreedy, of Cranford, was selected last year.
How to run
To obtain a petition contact Christina Pateman at 732-937-7514 or by email at cpateman@njsba.com. Completed petitions must be submitted to no later than Sept. 9 to Angela C. Scheck, NJSBA Executive Director, New Jersey Law Center, One Constitution Square, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.