Getting Harder to Blame It on the Bank
Courts may fashion an appropriate remedy where the lender has failed to serve a compliant notice of intention
By Scott E. Reynolds

Borrower Need Not File Suit
Third Circuit holds notice of rescission sufficient to rescind loan under Truth in Lending Act
By Joy Harmon Sperling and Clara Y. Son

Not Worth the Paper It’s Written On?
When equitable principles will permit a tenant’s noncompliance with the renewal of a lease
By David Rubenstein

Reforming N.J.’s Public Bidding System
Admitted errors, legal pitfalls and anticipated changes
By Christopher A. Barbarisi and Christopher J. Archer

Reinstatement of Accelerated Commercial Mortgage Loans
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
By Robert G. Wilk

What Happened to the Independent Foreclosure Review?
Program comes to an abrupt end for 11 large mortgage servicing companies
By Kimberly A. Tynan