First, what sort of matters do you generally deal with in your practice?

I generally represent professionals, such as attorneys, insurance producers, financial advisers and realtors, who get sued in state or federal court for claims alleging professional negligence and/or breach of fiduciary duty. I also represent corporate and not-for-profit officers, directors and boards in breach of fiduciary duty, mismanagement and employment-related cases. The underlying issues in these types of cases are varied and often complex, sometimes concerning real property, financial products and investment advice, marital and bankruptcy estates, trust and escrow accounts, the handling of underlying litigation, and/or data management, just to name a few. Handling these types of cases has allowed me to try cases to verdict in the New Jersey Superior Court’s Law and Chancery Divisions, and to also litigate matters in the U.S. District Court, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, FINRA and against the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics.