Per Curiam

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Colon appealed from a judgment convicting him of sexual abuse. The panel found the verdict was supported by legally sufficient evidence and not against the weight of the evidence, noting there was no basis to disturb the criminal Court’s determination regarding credibility. Testimony established a conductor witnessed Colon acting provocatively in the subway including staring at the female victim while stroking his bare chest and swaying his hips in front of her. He also observed Colon followed the victim further into the subway as he positioned himself behind her and brushed her buttocks with the back of his hand. The court could rationally infer Colon’s conduct was for his sexual gratification and not inadvertent. Colon’s jurisdictional challenge to a subsequently filed prosecutor’s information was found meritless as his commission of the charged offense was adequately pleaded in the original complaint and supporting deposition. The panel noted the sexual contact and gratification elements were satisfied by allegations Colon approached a woman and touched her buttocks with his knuckles, and the lack of consent element was satisfied with the allegation the victim moved away from Colon and sat away from Colon after the touching. Thus, the judgment was affirmed.