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Passenger Gomez appealed from a judgment awarding Southwest Airlines (SA) $2,504.67, and over $10,000 in attorney fees. Gomez sued to recover $8,000—alleged value of contents of baggage allegedly lost by SA, who counterclaimed alleging Gomez falsely and fraudulently filed a claim for the lost bag. Relying on the statement, SA allegedly issued Gomez checks, or incurred expenses it may not have had it known the truth. SA sought damages for an amount allegedly paid Gomez. SA’s witness testified Gomez overstated the value of the contents of his lost luggage, and provided evidence showing some of the same receipts were previously used by another person on a different flight to substantiate a claim for lost property against united Airlines. It also stated Gomez filed prior lost property claims with other airlines and United Parcel Service. Civil Court found in SA’s favor stating evidence supported a finding Gomez engaged in a “pattern of asserting fraudulent claims and filing frivolous lawsuits.” The panel found Gomez’s notice of appeal premature, but noted while civil court awarded SA $2,504.67 in damages, no documentary evidence showed the sum was actually paid to Gomez, and in the absence of same, a new trial on the counterclaim was warranted limited to the issue of damages.