District Judge Denis R. Hurley


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District Court granted motions by the New York State Office of Temporary and Family Disability Assistance, Office of Children and Family Services, and Department of Health, and also by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, and Health and Human Services to intervene in the instant class action in order to vacate the court’s prior April 10, 2017, order directing Nassau County to search New York State’s Welfare Management System (WMS) database for the names and addresses of class members who have not yet filed claims in the action, and to provide updated addresses for class members to the claims administrator so that they can be notified about the monetary relief they are entitled to under judgment. While the federal and state statues cited provide for confidentiality of personal identification information of applicants and beneficiaries of social services programs on the WMS database, that designation did not necessarily prohibit disclosure. Only privileged information was protected from disclosure. The cited statutes did not make the information immune from process, and caselaw suggested that disclosure outside the parameters set out in the statutes was permissible.