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Hosue appealed from a judgment convicting him of attempted endangering the welfare of a child. He and complainant wife lived together with their minor daughter, despite being estranged. They engaged in an argument at a park when Hosue attempted to take the child home, but she did not wish to go. Complainant claimed while thy were both holding their daughter, Hosue shoved complainant, and his hand hit her neck causing her to fall. Testimony revealed complainant lost her balance and fell as she was wearing high heels, and Hosue alleged complainant attempted to strike him, and he merely blocked her with his hand. He claimed the evidence was legally insufficient to establish his guilt, and the verdict was against the weight of the evidence. He argued as his daughter did not observe “serious domestic violence,” the evidence of attempted child endangerment was insufficient. The panel noted there was no evidence of a history of domestic violence between the parties, the incident’s duration appeared to have been short, and a single act. Thus, while evidence may have shown Hosue pushed complainant, under the totality of circumstances, the verdict was against the weight of the evidence and judgment was modified vacating the attempted child endangerment conviction.