Robert Capers
Robert Capers ()

While there has been much attention, consternation, and discussion regarding the fate of Southern District U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and the firing of the remaining U.S. Attorneys from the previous administration, some thought and praise should be given to those now ex-U.S. Attorneys whose appointment had nothing to do with politics.

Eastern District U.S. Attorney Robert Capers was one such appointment he is a career prosecutor who rose to his position through extraordinary competence and dedication to the public. While unquestionably the new administration and the Department of Justice is clearly within their rights to choose the U.S. Attorneys throughout the country and this has been the practice and tradition with new administrations, any notion that Mr. Capers was a political appointment is wrong.

As a defense attorney, I cannot say that I have agreed with all his decisions, and I have in the past vigorously litigated matters against his office. I can say that Mr. Capers as U.S. Attorney proceeded without “fear or favor,” as has been written about his colleague across the river. Without a doubt, Mr. Capers will carry on with his distinguished career in whatever endeavor he takes on.

Steve Brounstein
Bayside, Queens