Eugene Ingoglia
Eugene Ingoglia ()

Eugene Ingoglia, who has practiced at white-collar defense boutique Morvillo LLP for the past two years, is joining Magic Circle firm Allen & Overy as a partner Monday.

Before joining the boutique, Ingoglia was a federal prosecutor at the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s office, where he was a member of the Securities and Commodities Frauds Unit. There, he led the investigation and prosecution in the so called “London Whale” case, prosecuting two executives for over-valuing complex securities, and he was on the prosecution team for the insider trading conviction of former SAC Capital portfolio manager Mathew Martoma.

At Morvillo, Ingoglia said he has represented companies and individuals in criminal cases and investigations brought by the government and regulators. He and other Morvillo partners represented broker Benjamin Durant in an insider trading trial in Manhattan, and two credit card employees, Bonan Huang and Nan Huang, in another insider trading case in Philadelphia.

Ingoglia said he wasn’t looking to leave the firm but found the opportunity to join Allen & Overy too compelling to pass up, noting several Southern District former prosecutors practice there. He said he was also attracted by the chance to represent companies and banks facing increasingly multinational investigations by regulators.

“You’re seeing more of these multi-jurisdictional investigations,” he said. “Those opportunities at Allen & Overy will be greater because of its international breadth.”

E. Scott Morvillo, a founder of the 16-attorney boutique where Ingoglia is leaving, said the firm wishes him well and his departure has been amicable. “We hope to continue working with him,” Morvillo said, adding his own firm “is in a strong position to grow and succeed.”