A unanimous Appellate Division, First Department panel on Thursday disbarred Bronx attorney Eugene Anyikwa for failing to cooperate with an investigation into allegations that he neglected cases and failed to communicate with clients.

The departmental disciplinary committee began investigating Anyikwa in 2011 in response to three complaints. It received no response to repeated attempts to contact him by phone and in person at multiple previously known addresses. In January 2013, it served a complaint on him by mail to his last known home and business addresses and by notice published in the Law Journal, but still received no response.

In June 2013, the First Department suspended Anyikwa pending investigation.

The committee never received a petition for reinstatement or other response from Anyikwa, and moved to disbar him, which the First Department granted in Thursday’s order.

The disciplinary committee is represented by Elisabeth Palladino.

Justices Rolando Acosta (See Profile), Dianne Renwick (See Profile), Karla Moskowitz (See Profile), Helen Freedman (See Profile) and Darcel Clark (See Profile) sat on the panel.

Matter of Anyikwa, M-686.