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Editor’s Note: Shifting Sand
Our annual ranking of the number of lawyers in law offices throughout New York state, always a major undertaking, has been complicated this year by fallout from the subprime mortgage meltdown and credit crisis. Even as we published the 2007 issue last Dec. 10, firms with large structured finance practices were being hit hard, and layoffs began. They continued into 2008 and firms were letting go of associates and freezing lateral hiring as we went to press. Law firm dissolutions have again become reality.


NYLJ 100 Largest Private Law Offices
The big have still gotten bigger, but with the economic crisis have come layoffs, and firm dissolutions are again a reality.

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NYLJ 100: The Largest Private Law Offices in New York State
Largest Minority-Owned Law Firms in New York State
Attorney General and Corporation Counsel; U.S. Attorneys’ Offices
Attorney Concentration by County
District Attorneys’ Offices
ADR Providers
New York State Law Schools

Eighth Annual Fiction Contest Winner: A True Legal Drama
By Richard Garbarini
Sunglasses, calm attitude, and the drug-induced absence from the office (however long it’s been) will pass unnoticed. Wrong.


Legal Lingo: Footnotes*
By Adam Freedman
Footnotes, an ‘insidious plague,’ thrive and multiply in the law.

Coach’s Corner: Onward!
By Ellen Ostrow
Instead of letting bad review news or a missing mentor cause a meltdown, take stock and take productive action.

Diversity in Action: Hit Hard
By Katherine Frink-Hamlett
If the terrible economy hands you a job loss or your department a budget cut, it won’t be easy, but try these responses.


In Good Spirits: Character to Spare
By Christopher Matthews
For a more intriguing brandy experience, say non to Cognac and oui to Armagnac.

Restaurants: The East Village Arrives
By Josh Ozersky
With loads of choices and a casual, insouciant vibe, the new East Village has arrived.

Restaurants: A Voice From the Neighborhood
By Josh Ozersky
Peter Meehan, former $25 and Under critic for The New York Times and longtime resident of the East Village, discusses the neighborhood he calls home.

Travel: An Unbeatable Combo
By Barry T. Bassis and Demetra M. Pappas
The perfect cruise for Eastern European and Scandinavian culture connoisseurs.

Books: A Two-Edged Title
By Fabio Bertoni
Prosecutions and personal ethics intertwine in a multi-layered work.

In Conclusion: Triangle Shirtwaist Trial
By Kenneth Knott
The 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist fire was a disaster; how did the owners get off?