Last year, in this special section of the Law Journal, many contributors—myself included—reflected upon our position at that time, having weathered unprecedented tumult and tragedy, while taking in the lessons of the pandemic with hope that we were standing at the threshold of positive change. We are not exactly where we had hoped or expected one year later; however, as a legal community we have continued to press onward, seizing every opportunity to learn and improve. Thanks to the commitment and ingenuity of the people who make up our justice system, we have not only persevered, but also begun to lay the foundation for a more efficient, sustainable, and just future for the judiciary.

This April will mark 50 years since the Third Department moved into our courtroom in the Abrams Building for Law and Justice in Albany. There is a plaque outside of the courtroom bearing a quotation from Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller, who delivered remarks at the original dedication ceremony in 1972: