Does It Pay To Be a NYC Landlord Anymore?

While tenants’ struggles during the pandemic should not be minimized or disregarded, New York City landlords, especially small ones, are feeling the financial pressure too.

The Post-Pandemic World of Office

While displacement of the workforce was widely embraced on a temporary basis, employees and employers must consider whether to make the work from home model a permanent workstyle, and if so, how.

Key Legal Considerations in Obtaining and Defending Against ‘Yellowstone’ Injunctions

The ‘Yellowstone’ injunction tolls a tenant’s time to cure an alleged default while the tenant pursues a legal determination as to whether cure is in fact required under the terms of the lease. This article provides an overview of the key legal considerations in obtaining or defending against a ‘Yellowstone’ injunction.

Ending Some State- and City-Level Opportunity Zone Tax Benefits in New York

This article gives a brief overview of the benefits provided through the opportunity zone program and how these benefits were incorporated into New York’s tax code, and then describes how new legislation will strip some of these benefits for purposes of New York state and New York City taxes, while retaining others.

Can Commercial Tenants Really Avoid Rent During the Pandemic Using the Frustration-of-Purpose Doctrine?

Recent decisions and the use of the frustration-of-purpose doctrine to absolve commercial tenants of their obligation to pay rent could signal headwinds for the New York commercial real-estate market—and the economy more generally.