On Aug. 9, 2017 and in the ensuing months, becoming effective at scattered times over the ensuing year, the City Council enacted numerous provisions falling into three areas: general landlord/tenant relations, harassment, and construction and sales of properties. This article focuses on the numerous enactments related to harassment, bedbugs, and smoking, the first two of which expand tenants’ rights and the final one intended to constrict them.

Expanded Definitions Of Harassment

Local Laws 162, 163, and 164 all expand the definition of harassment as found in New York City Administrative Code §27-2004(48) and all took effect on December 28, 2017. Local Law 184 of 2017, effective February 5, 2018, Local Law 24 of 2018, effective April 30, 2018, and Local Law 48 of 2018, effective May 11, 2018 also expanded the definition.