This year, our reporters delved into the tsunami of legal stories in litigation, regulation and the U.S. Supreme Court. What were the top areas? We covered the crush of litigation under the Trump administration, rulings limiting venue shopping and how the battle lines are being drawn in the fight over driverless car technology in Silicon Valley that could generate billions of dollars in revenue.

There’s still plenty to watch in the coming year as the Trump administration unwinds more Obama-era policies, Robert Mueller continues to dig into alleged collusion with Russia and Big Law prepares for more multidistrict litigation that could net stunning multimillion-dollar verdicts, or nothing at all. A look back at some of the top stories of 2017 and what’s next.

Top 2017 in Litigation and Regulation

Top 2017 SCOTUS Stories

What We’re Watching in Litigation and Regulation for 2018

SCOTUS News We’re Expecting in 2018