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Tell us about your biggest trial win from January 2016 to July 2017 and how you achieved the result for your client.

My team and I were proud of our June 2017 trial win in Los Angeles state court on behalf of SpaceX in a whistleblower case brought by an avionics technician. This was particularly true in view of the fact we prevailed just eight months earlier for SpaceX with a defense verdict in a separate case involving sex harassment, retaliation and other claims.

SpaceX takes a tough stance on cases it views as unmeritorious and is willing to fight those claims aggressively. In representing SpaceX in June, my partner Julia Riechert and I worked carefully to show the jury how plaintiffs were treated not only lawfully, but fairly. And we focus on dismantling claims that might appear credible to jurors often initially skeptical of our arguments.

Share two trial tips that have been key to your success.

1) Be yourself in the courtroom. For me that means enthusiasm, some humor, collaboration and a lot of determination. Juries sniff out anything that [is] less than authentic, including your demeanor and arguments.

2) And my trial teams always end the day with the Top 10 things that happened in the courtroom — it’s a chance to breathe before we begin preparing for the next day. — Lynne Hermle