(Sean Pavone)

Law firms with major ties to Washington, D.C., mostly grew their revenue and profits last year, despite uncertainty surrounding the presidential election and an industry-wide slowdown in demand for legal services. See a cross section of their results below, including links to ALM’s more detailed coverage of the firms.
The full Am Law 100 report will be published in The American Lawyer’s May issue, with the Am Law 200 to follow in June. Other firms’ results are collected here. For a deeper dive on how some of the firms below evolved over the last decade, see this story from The National Law Journal.
Akin’s largest office is in Washington, D.C., where it remains a dominant lobbying industry player. Last year was an up year.
Gross revenue: $980 million
Revenue per lawyer: Up 4.6 percent
Profits per equity partner: Up 9.7 percent
Seven years, seven revenue increases—a feat that’s hardly matched among other firms, especially in volatile, practice-mix dependent D.C.
Gross revenue: $284 million
RPL: Up 4.9 percent
PPP: Up 7 percent
A year spent in preparation of a transformative merger hurt this legacy Washington firm’s results.
Gross revenue: $624.5 million
RPL: Down 2.6 percent
PPP: Down 4.5 percent
This firm took on all remaining lawyers at Dickstein Shapiro at the beginning of 2016. Gross revenue grew accordingly, jumping 22 percent.
Gross revenue: $422.5 million
RPL: Up 3.4 percent
PPP: Up 2.2 percent
The firm’s investments and expansions in recent years paid off, especially in profitability.
Gross revenue: $838.5 million
RPL: Up 7 percent
PPP: Up 15.7 percent
Contingency work and business management changes helped the firm have one of its best years ever—with double-digit revenue and profit growth.
Gross revenue: $434 million
RPL: Up 19.40 percent
PPP: Up 40.10 percent
Despite Brexit and the U.K. exchange rate, the global firm still moved its revenue needle.
Gross revenue: $1.93 billion
RPL: Up 2.10 percent
PPP: Up 0.40 percent
The firm has struggled to grow in recent years, and will try new business management techniques to better incentivize lawyers.
Gross revenue: $356 million
RPL: Flat at 0.00 percent
PPP: Flat at 0.00 percent
Another steady year of growth as leadership changed hands.
Gross revenue: $498.5 million
RPL: Up 1.90 percent
PPP: Up 3.80 percent
Profits are up, satisfying a central goal of Wilmer’s management over the last decade.
Gross revenue: $1.13 billion
RPL: Up 1.60 percent
PPP: Up 2.80 percent