Aaron VanderLaan of Arnzen, Molloy, Storm & Turner in Covington, Kentucky, who argued for the Huffs, said he did not plan to ask a full sitting of the Sixth Circuit to reconsider the panel’s decision with respect to James Huff.

“I think the Sixth Circuit did a good job in terms of separating the issues here and properly examining the differences between Jim Huff and Bert Huff,” VanderLaan said. If the U.S. district judge finds Spaw liable, Bertha Huff could seek damages and an order stopping the spread of information about what she said during the conversation with her husband, VanderLaan said. The other member of the airport board whom Spaw heard speaking with Huff, Larry Savage, was not a party in the case.

Jonathan Allison of Freking & Betz in Cincinnati argued for Spaw. He did not immediately return a request for comment.

Updated with comment from Aaron VanderLaan.

Below: Read the Sixth Circuit’s pocket-dial ruling.