Map of ChevronTexaco's Ecuador operations, Chevron counsel Randy Mastro (top), and plaintiff's attorney Steven Donziger
Map of ChevronTexaco’s Ecuador operations, Chevron counsel Randy Mastro (top), and plaintiff’s attorney Steven Donziger ()

Following up on a six-week trial this fall, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan ruled Tuesday that U.S. attorney Steven Donziger corruptly orchestrated the environmental litigation that resulted in a $9.5 billion Ecuadorean judgment against Chevron, violating racketeering laws. Kaplan also ruled that Donziger and his Ecuadorean clients committed fraud on the Ecuadorean court.

The National Law Journal and its affilliates report on the latest developments in the trail, as well as the impact on the law firms involved in the case.

Litigation Fraud Ruling Leaves Patton ‘Under the Cloud’
By Katelyn Polantz, The National Law Journal
In a lengthy ruling for Chevron Corp. in a long and hard-fought battle over the blame for pollution in the Amazon, Washington law firm Patton Boggs came in for plenty of attention—17 mentions in the main text of the ruling, to be exact.

Judge Bars Judgment Against Chevron
By Mark Hamblett, New York Law Journal
New York City attorney Steven Donziger corrupted and defrauded the judiciary in Ecuador on his way to securing a multi-billion dollar environmental damages judgment against Chevron, Southern District Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled Wednesday.

► Read Judge Kaplan’s decision in Chevron v. Donziger (PDF, 486 pgs.)

In Chevron Ruling, a Cautionary Tale for Lawyers
By Michael Goldhaber, The Am Law Litigation Daily
Plenty of attorneys besides Steven Donziger were drawn into the morass of Chevron’s Ecuadorean environmental battle over the years. Tuesday’s ruling in Chevron’s fraud case against the plaintiffs can be read as a tale of lawyers run amok and sometimes led astray. (Subscription required)

Chevron v. Donziger: The Beginning of the End
By Michael Goldhaber, The Am Law Litigation Daily
After 20 years and hundreds of millions of dollars in litigation costs, we have a winner in the Chevron Ecuador dispute. And of all the countless legal battlegrounds, it’s now clearer than ever that U.S. litigation was the main event. (Subscription required)
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