Last term at the Supreme Court was terrible for plaintiffs, consumers, and the plaintiffs’ bar, says Robert Peck, president of the Center for Constitutional Litigation.

Peck and his six-lawyer firm, based in Washington, were involved in several cases this past term from the plaintiffs’ side – primarily Wal-Mart v. Dukes and PLIVA v. Mensing — and he is already seeing the impact from the decisions on pending class actions and in litigation against pharmaceutical companies.

Peck, 57, has been a rare appellate specialist among plaintiffs’ lawyers for decades, serving as senior director for legal affairs for the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and spinning off the Center for Constitutional Litigation a decade ago. The American Association for Justice, ATLA’s successor organization, is still a primary client, but the center also represents individual plaintiffs and state trial lawyers’ groups among others. Peck has argued three times before the Supreme Court

Last week Peck spoke about the Supreme Court term with Tony Mauro for the Supreme Court Insider.

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