VerdictSearch strives to report as many jury verdicts, decisions and settlements as possible. Although a great many cases are submitted by attorneys, we also rely on a diligent team of assignment editors who scour docket lists, cultivate relationships with law firms, and search the Internet and news sources, including the ALM family of legal publications. Our exhaustive efforts allow us to present what we believe is a comprehensive list of the top 100 jury awards of 2022. Nevertheless, we sincerely apologize to anyone whose case may have been inadvertently omitted.

The Top 100 verdicts are ranked by gross award calculated by the jury. They do not reflect reductions for comparative negligence or assignment of fault to settling defendants or nonparties; additurs, remittiturs or reversals; or attorney fees and costs, unless awarded by the jury. In cases in which awards were automatically doubled or trebled by statute, the doubled or trebled amount determined rank. We do not consider cases in which the jury only determined per-plaintiff or per-year damages that a judge later used to calculate the gross award, cases in which the jury’s instructions permitted it to determine damages against a party that it had already deemed not liable, or cases in which a jury awarded damages against one or more parties while one or more other parties awaited trial in the same matter. The editors retain sole discretion to make adjustments in rank when necessary to reflect statutes that provide for election of remedies or other types of overlapping awards.