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Tell us about your biggest win or wins this year.

Between June 2017 and March 2018, I served as lead and co-trial counsel in a series of case-defining bellwether trials in the testosterone replacement MDL. As lead trial counsel in the Konrad v. AbbVie Inc., I secured a $140+ million award for Jeff Konrad, an AndroGel testosterone replacement user who suffered a heart attack shortly after starting the drug. As co-trial counsel in Mitchell v. AbbVie Inc., I helped secure verdicts of $150+ million, and, on re-trial, $3.2 million for AndroGel user Jesse Mitchell—a life-long smoker and defense bellwether selection who suffered a heart attack on AndroGel.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned practicing law?

Every case must be developed as a trial case. Therefore, start at the end and work backwards. The temptation is always the reverse. Try to resist it. Start with the jury charge and trial themes, identify your points to prove, then go get the discovery.

Share an interesting fact about your firm that few know.

Seeger Weiss is nearing its 20th anniversary. Notwithstanding that the firm was founded on April 1, 1999, our announcement listed April. No one thought it was a good idea to begin on April Fool’s Day.

Answers submitted by David Buchanan, partner.