Ashley Taylor Jr., one of the leaders of the state attorneys general practice at Troutman Pepper, served as assistant attorney general in Virginia early in his career around the turn of the millenium. His team regularly represents data brokers, debt collectors, manufacturers, insurers and other consumer-facing companies in investigations and litigation spearheaded by the states. “We have a focus on state attorneys general because they have become the primary enforcer in many of these primarily consumer protection areas in places like privacy,” Taylor said.

Late last week, the Litigation Daily caught up with Taylor to discuss how the firm has built the practice and why he advises clients to closely read settlement agreements the state AGs reach with competitors. “I tell people all the time…it will save you so much money,” Taylor said. “That’s how we give great advice, because we can say to your compliance officer, ‘Here’s your business practice. Here’s how they will view it based on the priorities they’re taking.’”