In March, we probed Paladin to learn how its database helps attorneys discover pro bono opportunities from approved legal services organizations. This month, we’re exploring the adoption principles of a marketplace that enables in-house legal teams to find and hire outside counsel to manage the entirety of any matter from anywhere: Priori Legal. Using data and technology, the platform quickly matches clients ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to leading technology companies with vetted boutique, mid-sized and regional firms, independent lawyers and new law companies for projects requiring niche expertise, local counsel, cost-control, overflow or temporary support.

To get a clear understanding of how Priori drives adoption, we spoke with Jon Karolczak, the company’s chief operating officer, and Denver Sheridan, its chief business officer—Marketplace, as well as platform users Lynden Renwick, the founding partner at Out-House Attorneys, LLC., and Cécile Abramowicz, who serves as general counsel at Eden Health Inc. As we spoke, four adoption principles repeatedly came to the foreground: